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Game Gyaru

The internet company Game Grumps had a line of merchandise called "Game Gyaru", that featured female versions of the faces of the company, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. These two characters they created, which they named Arina and Daniella, are depicted as 1990s style anime heroines. So I wanted to make chibi fanart of these characters. 

This was at a time when I was experimenting with rougher linework, which gives the drawing a hand drawn appearance, likening it to the 90s anime look. This picture also shows off some of my first usage of subsurface scattering, specifically in the lower half of the image. 

I decided to feature the name of the series in Japanese on the left side of the image, and then frame the two figures with the English title above. The brushstroke border resembles graffiti, calling to mind 90s grunge aesthetic. 

This picture was certainly a learning experience in more ways than one. 

Game Grumps on YouTube:

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