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Sarah Vu—

Windchime Farm LLC Logo 

Farm owner Sarah Vu commissioned a logo that she could use for promoting her local farm. She knew exactly the design she wanted: a nesting-doll composition where an egg nested inside a chicken, which in turn nestled beneath a sheep. She also asked for a version in which the sheep appeared against a horse, for when her farm begins keeping horses in the future. The order called for both a silhouetted design and a continuous-line illustration.

I heavily relied on a sketch that the commissioner provided and fine-tuned the design and animal anatomy. I kept in close contact with her throughout the process, making sure the logo was looking as anticipated. The goal was to simplify the shapes of the animals the most we could while keeping their anatomy recognizable. 

We decided on using Clarendon for the logomark, agreeing that the typeface read best as organic and home-grown, yet retained a sense of sophistication.  When aligning the words beneath the logo, I made sure the left diagonal stroke of the W in "Windchime" aligned with the horse's back leg, as well as to condense the word "Farm" to match the length of the chicken in the logo. This all was to create cohesion between the logo and the logomark. When it came to the logos without the horse, I shifted the logomark to left-align with the snout of the sheep. 

It wasn't long before Sarah had all the logos she'd need, fit for signage and merchandise alike. 

Windchime Farm LLC Website:

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