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Sleepy Kappa

Shhh. He's sleeping. 

The kappa are mythical creatures that live in the rivers and ponds of Japan. Although most people call them yokai, they are also considered "kami," or divinities of sorts. Reptiloid in appearance, they have webbed hands and feet as well as a back carapace similar to a turtle shell.


Notably, the kappa have a dish in the top of their heads called a "sara' that holds water. If spilled, they will be rendered immobile until refilled. So these creatures will carry around a metal cap to protect it. 

Kappa are typically mischievous and on occasion malicious, but can be helpful if befriended. May be a good idea to keep a cucumber on you, just in case. That's their favorite snack! 


This poor thing is so tuckered out. You can tell by the deep-snoozing sounds it's making: すやすや, or "suya suya." 

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