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Rednazer's Twitch Assets

My cousin, Zander, commissioned me to create some assets for his upcoming Twitch channel, Rednazer. Specifically, he needed a profile picture and three emotes. The emotes needed were personalized "Hello," "Boomer," and Pepe G—the last of which is an internet meme. 

I worked with him as I drew, continually asking how it looked and what could be changed. He provided me the art styles that he wanted the images in, so I made sure to keep within those confines. However, the compositions and poses were entirely my department. I made sure to ask him his favorite color, so that I could base the designs around one color. He said it was scarlet, so I used the color where I could, including his avatar's shirt, his profile picture's linework, and the shading and lighting. 

I used the a pixel-art program Aseprite to create the Pepe G emote, since the meme is a pixelated GIF. I copied the art of the original meme, trading out the figure's features for Zander's avatar. Thus "Pepe Z" was created!  

I made sure that the emotes were within the dimensions of a Twitch emote. In the end these ended up being rather successful assets, and I couldn't be more pleased. 

Rednazer on Twitch:

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