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Dicebag Games—Konane and Torkish

Table-top roleplaying game designer Dicebag Games asked me to complete a sketch of his in my own preferred style. He provided me a rough drawing that he had designed featuring Konane and a Torkish, characters from his up-and-coming table top RPG called Crytures. 

I obviously didn't want to redesign too much, so I kept the general character composition intact. The most prominent change being the added movement in the hair and cape. The art style itself is my personal manga-inspired style, which isn't dissimilar to the commissioner's game's style. 

I kept in touch with Dicebag Games to make sure the picture was looking the way he imagined it. I asked him which style of linework he preferred, and he was partial to a rougher brush. And I agreed! So I used one of my favorite Photoshop brushes, DG_ooo!, at 40% smoothing. I shaded with the same brush at a larger size. 

The linework is colored a mauve to match with the prominent hues of the picture, and a lighter vertical gradient is clipped over it to provide emphasis to Konane above. I was sure to mind the four light sources: moonlight, the fire, the Torkish's eyes, and the Blazeberry that the Torkish is holding. The surrounding objects are are appropriately illuminated. 

Dicebag Games was happy with the results, and this was a commission that I frankly enjoyed making! 

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