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Edensworth Concept

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored is write stories. Sometimes the writing session is quick and lasts maybe an hour. Other times, the ideas are interesting enough for me to go back to later and flesh them outThis is one of the latter

The original idea was to write a vampire story that nixes Hollywood tropes and uses as historically-accurate vampire lore as I could find. I didn't end up sticking to that resolve entirely, but I tried my best to keep it in mind.


I am by and by writing a story that takes place in a world where humans and vampires coexist. The story follows a vampire name Alexis Edensworth, a council representative for one of the country's most prominent cities, Upstrem, and one of the first vampires in the area to marry a human. When one evening he receives a call from his estranged daughter, Marjorie, desperate for a place for her family to stay for a few days, the two are forced to be near each other for the first time in nearly ten years—for reasons learned much later. At the same time, her husband, Luke, is trying desperately to leave a good impression, and four-year-old Lucy is just enamored with the Edensworth manor.


This is a city with so much conflict behind the scenes, and Marjorie's not exactly glad to be at the center of it again. But despite her best efforts, her family will witness firsthand what going against the grain will cost them. 

Alexis failed to protect his family once already. Does he really think he can do any better now? 

Throw in a teenage maid with a bone to pick with humans, an Igor-butler that seems to be the only emotionally stable one in the manor, and a vampire-hunter-in-training that for some reason keeps showing up upstairs, and you've got yourself a vampire story that I'd bet you've never heard before. 

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