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Constance and Tobias Comic  

Constance and Tobias is a simple comic idea that's close to my heart. Starring a straight-faced nihilistic beetle named Constance and a soft-spoken timid dog named Tobias, the strip illustrates these unlikely friends' day-to-day interactions and amusing goings-on. 

Constance and Tobias have contrasting ways of navigating the world that I relate to personally. While seemingly at far ends of the spectrum, both the characters' mindsets come from a place of pessimism. Constance believes nothing matters in the grand scheme, and Tobias believes he doesn't matter in a world where everyone else matters. These sentiments clash in these comics and create feelings of numbness and loneliness respectively. While neither belief is fully true, when pitted against each other, they reveal a belief that might be worth considering. Maybe apart from us, nothing matters, but instead we are the ones who decide what matters. 

In a way, it seems these characters bring out the best in each other. Constance can get Tobias to come out of his shell, and Tobias is likely the first person to show his beetle friend any kindness. In turn, Tobias gains a little confidence in himself, and Constance finds something in her life to care about. 

Honestly, it's fun to see characters so polar opposite become friends. But as I've said, perhaps these two aren't as different as they seem. 

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