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Publishing Logo 

I was commissioned by online user Eisah to create a logo for a fictional megacorporation featured in his upcoming story. The corporation is rebranding itself to appear more family-friendly, so he wanted the logo to incorporate the two sons of the CEO, who are both half-rabbit. As one child is black-furred and typically optimistic and the other white furred and dour, we also wanted to incorporate that dichotomy. 

I brainstormed a plethora of ideas based on that information, and after presenting Eisah with the second draft, we decided that the detailed back-to-back portraits were a perfect design, and that the emblem frame would best suit the logo. 

For the final draft, I enlarged the logo so that the rabbit ears intersected with the emblem frame, to create a sense of interactivity between the two elements. The right portrait was made white and outlined in black, since that character is white-furred, to create contrast with the other portrait. The outline stoke width matches the stroke width of the text. I also added eyes to the portraits respective of their character's mood. 

The emblem text makes use of Constantia, an elegant serif typeface, in bold font. The establishment date at the base uses small caps and numbers to reduce emphasis and allow the company name to be the focal point. 

The logo ended up appearing friendly yet professional—exactly was Eisah was looking for. I couldn't be happier with the result. 

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