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Luck Be A Landlord


Luck Be A Landlord is a small and simple videogame game, but that's not to imply that it isn't fun. The player must pay their ever-increasing rent by using a very complex slot machine. With every round the player can choose to add certain symbols that synergize with other symbols (okay maybe it's not so simple) that have a chance to give you even more money. 

One of these symbols is a pirate, and he synergizes with gold coins, beer, oranges, anchors, treasure chests, and more. As I played this game with my brother, we wondered what the pirate was doing with these items. We could only imagine that the pirate must eat these items, and the thought made us laugh. So I wanted to draw it! 

I used a brush that I don't use very often: a blunt brush with high smoothing. This along with the bright vibrant colors were incorporated out of an effort to make the character and items pop from the page. 

I based the designs of every item off of the game designs, and decorated the delicious pile with everything that the pirate "eats" in the game. Floating above him are the sound the pirate makes when he's activated in game: "ARR ARR ARR!" 

It still makes me chuckle every time.

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