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Racuda Baracoon

Avatar Illustration

I was asked by musician and songwriter Racuda Baracoon to create an illustration of his avatar, or his fictional persona, that could be used for advertising his music online. It was to be a half-man-half-fox character standing on a stage, holding a microphone in his hand like a crooner. He wanted the character to be dressed in a paisley shirt and American flag hat, and wear a playful childlike expression. Everything else was up to me. 

As asked, I made use of smooth linework, which ended up giving the image a vibrant and cartoonish appearance—which matches with the description of this character. 

I made sure to provide necessary background elements, like a good ol' framing-device curtain and a stool. I thought that featuring a blank poster on the back wall would be a fun way for Racuda to insert any announcements or advertisements of his own upon it easily. 

It was a delight working with Mr. Baracoon, and I couldn't be happier with how this turned out. 

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