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Dicebag Games—Munchies

Table-top roleplaying game designer Dicebag Games asked me to draw some creatures featured in his upcoming game Crytures. In the illustration, we have two Glubbles munching on a sleeping Flowzie's berries, which it grows all around its head. This illustration would be used for Dicebag's Creature Codex that he posted on YouTube. He also asked that I record my drawing process to be used in the video as well. 

He provided me a general sketch to work off of, so all I refined the linework, colored the image, and reorganized objects to guide the eye around the image. When it came to lighting, I wanted sunlight to be peeking over the bush that the Flowzie is hiding behind, so that the scene appears to be taking place in the early hours of the morning. The illustration makes use of a combination of both hard and soft lighting and shading. 

It all resulted in a rather wholesome illustration. 

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