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TofuWarlock—Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney YouTube Thumbnail

I had recommended the Nintendo DS game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to my brother, Liam Plendl, as it is one of my favorite games. He thought that it would be fun to livestream his playthrough on his YouTube channel, TofuWarlock, and he wanted me to join in to make conversation during. For this, he would need a thumbnail for the video. 

Liam said that he wanted to be the butt of the joke in the scene, so I decided to paint a courtroom scene typical of the game, with both him and I mimicking characters from the game. Two of the main characters are defense attorney Phoenix Wright and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, so I turned them into him and me respectively. This was because since this is Liam's channel, it only makes sense that he would stand in for the game's protagonist

I also wanted to include the judge watching on in the background, since he is always present during court cases in the game. I expect he would watch on nervously. 

Sadly, this YouTube livestream never ended up happening. But I am still happy to have this self-insert artwork anyway. 

TofuWarlock on YouTube:

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