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TofuWarlock—"Table Top Bop" Single Cover

My brother, Liam Plendl, composed a song on the music making program called LMMS using the sound font of a Nintendo DS game Wario Ware D.I.Y. He called the song "Table Top Bop," since it features various kitchen-related percussion, like clinking glasses and shattering plates. It turned out unexpectedly great, so he wanted to post it on YouTube. I thought, in that case, the single should have a cover. 

The cover features both Liam and me dancing with kitchenware. The art style and color pallet are extremely simplistic and cartoonish, since the song itself is rather cartoonish and childlike.  The brush used is rough and blotchy and any coloring often exceeds the linework, which makes the cover appear fittingly makeshift. The perspective is loose so as to create as much visual movement as possible. A colorful waft of steam rises from the pot, within which the title of the song is nestled. This resembles the fluid and vibrant lettering of 60s psychedelic concert posters. 

The faux credits at the bottom-right of the cover contains immature jokes to match the childish chaos of the song.


I couldn't think of a cover more fit for "Table Top Bop." 

TofuWarlock on YouTube:

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