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TofuWarlock—Phasmaphobia YouTube Thumbnail

My brother does not do well with scary games, but his reactions make for great YouTube content. 

So he, Liam Plendl, asked me to create a thumbnail that he could use for his playthrough of the ghost-hunting PC horror game Phasmaphobia. The video features his best friends and their hilarious antics. For being one of the first videos he edited, the recording certainly benefits comedically from his additions. 

So I wanted to feature Liam and his friends during one of the funniest moments of the video: where the remaining players notice that coffee cups are floating around them. (They find out that it's the dead players messing with them.) Liam is at the center, the most terrified of the bunch. Jared to his left is nervous, and Evan to his right is getting a kick out of it. Below them is Sam, the most devious in the video, looking back with malice with the journal, a tool the players can use to identify the ghost haunting the house. Behind them looms an evil table, which is an extremely silly nod to the end of the video, when Liam glitches into a table and gets stuck. It's what kills his character in the end, since he can't run from the ghost. 

I made green the most prominent color to keep with the ghastly theme, and the lighting so stark for the same reason. 

The result was a ridiculous scene—perfect for this YouTube video. 

TofuWarlock on YouTube:

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