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Treasures and Wishes Profile Assets

My aunt, R. Ward, had asked me to create a logo for her Etsy shop Treasures and Wishes. She knew exactly what she was looking for: an unlocked treasure chest with sparkles and magical effects.

She would need both a profile picture and a banner

So I decided to use a centered composition to place emphasis and importance upon the chest. The linework is dark and blunt and the color pallet is vibrant, so that the image would pop from the page and be easier to view from a distance. I filled the opening with as many different magical effects as I could think of: swirls, sparkles, and bubbles. 

I decorated the chest and key with Disney-related images, since the majority of what my aunt sells on Etsy are Disney merchandise. The center plate on the front of the chest is Cinderella's castle, and a Tinker Bell charm on the key "boops" it. Surrounding them are two spiraled hills, which reference The Nightmare Before Christmas, a favorite movie of my aunt's. 

The name of the shop is centered below in Viner Hand ITC, a parchment-adjacent font to coincide with the fantasy stories of Disney. The deep tones of the background assist in emphasizing the brightly-colored logo and shop title. 

For the banner, I simply elongated a document to the dimensions of an Etsy banner, with the logo set to the right. This helps to balance the Etsy webpage, which leaves quite a bit of negative space on the right. 

The result was a set of assets that perfectly communicate what this Etsy shop sells, and my aunt still uses them to this day. 

Tresures and Wishes Etsy Shop:

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