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TofuWarlock—Livestream Thumbnail

I had noticed that my brother, Liam Plendl, had been using rather rough-looking thumbnail images for his YouTube livestreams. While they were fittingly silly, I wanted to give him a thumbnail image he could use that would be both silly and quality. 

I decided to play into a daft and childish persona for the image, and Liam was on-board with that. So I drew him as an extremely simplified chibi avatar with wide eyes and a vacant stare. To match the makeshift nature of his previous thumbnails, I decided on a scene where Liam has scrawled on a wall "Stremm," a misspelling of "Stream." Additionally, I drew a sheet of notebook paper with, "Com wach Tofu" taped on the wall, as a call-to-action for people to, "Come watch Tofu[Warlock]." 

Below are the crayons and tape dispenser scattered on a sill, as if the boundaries of the thumbnail are a window. Liam's avatar is peeking over the sill, with one of the crayons up his nose. 

I offered the image as a thumbnail he could use "if he wanted it." It seems that he did, since he still uses it to this day. 

TofuWarlock on YouTube:

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