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Nuzzlock Commission

My brother, Liam Plendl, and his best friend played what is called a Nuzzlock, or a more challenging way of playing Pokémon. The details are complex, but it usually ends with the player becoming sentimental about their Pokémon party. The two wanted me to draw the surviving party in a scene, as well as death portraits of the party members that didn't make it. 

For the first image, I decided to set the party at a coffee shot seated at a large table. I placed their Pokémon trainer character, who they named Nuzzdaddy, at the center of the image. Around him are his party, drinking various beverages.


Starting from the far left:  The muscly Machamp is drinking a green power smoothie packed with Poke-Protein. The giant Golem to the right is drinking a tiny cup of tea, which I thought would be an amusing contrast. Nuzzdaddy seems to have sneeked a flask into the shop and is having a great time. Brooding Toxitricity has an NRG drink with a Rotom on the side. The poor Octrillery is making do with the H2Whoa! water he can get. The dark and spooky Noivern is sipping on a latte with a Pikachu in the foam, which once again I thought would be amusing. 

The death portraits were intended to be used for laser engraving, so I drew them up in black and white. I wanted them to seem peaceful and at rest. 

The boys were very happy with the end result, and I was glad to have given them something to remember their Nuzzlock, as well as the good men they lost along the way. 

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