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Little Twin Stars 

My mom's favorite Sanrio characters are these siblings called Little Twin Stars. It's very difficult finding any merchandise featuring them, so whenever we do it's an event. So on a whim I wanted to make a drawing for her. 

I based the design off of a sketch I had drawn recently, in which I drew the twins in a less-chibi style. I used this as a challenge to draw in a more simplified way, which I tend to be uncomfortable with. For example, the sleeves of the robes flush with the sides of the arms, whereas I usually will indicate the edge of the clothing with a bump at least. The feet are also far less detailed than I usually draw them. Finally, I was less precious with my linework than I usually am. While my natural inclination is to close my shapes and make sure the line width is consistent throughout, I stopped myself in order to give the image a more "drawn" appearance. 

Notably, the shines in the twins' eyes are stars themselves, as a nod to their branding. I added an additional blur around the linework to provide a retro animation-cell look. The vibrant background sought to resemble such a comparison as well. The siblings' title is placed to their left in a very fitting bubbly typeface called KC Sketchy Burger. 

After I sent it to my mom, I saw that she immediately used it as her phone background. I was so excited that she liked it! But I immediately went to making a picture that would fit her phone dimensions. I made sure to include black space at the top so that she could see the time in white text. 

In the end, my om still loves it, and I really to like it too. 

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