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TofuWarlock—Geometry Dash YouTube Thumbnail

My brother, Liam Plendl, was in need of a very simplistic YouTube thumbnail, and he told me exactly what he wanted it to look like. He requested an illustrated image with a laptop his model, with the PC game Geometry Dash logo on the screen. He also wanted the text, "Literally Everything," featured. This image would be used for three videos posting everything he has made, finished and unfinished, in Geometry Dash, and it would serve as a farewell to viewers that subscribed to him for his Geometry Dash-centric content. 

I went about this by finding images online of what I needed, and I traced over them in Photoshop. When that was finished, I further pixelated the Geometry Dash logo, so that it would appear "digital" from afar. I darkened and blurred the area around the screen so as to emphasize the logo. And finally, I placed the text "Literally Everything," to the right of the drawing in Roboto, the typeface that YouTube uses for its UI. I felt that it would be fitting. I made sure that the text was large enough to be seen from a minimized YouTube thumbnail. 

It resulted in a functional and heartfelt farewell to Liam's Geometry Dash audience.  

TofuWarlock on YouTube:

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