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Blue Öyster Cult—

Veterans and Survivors

Collector’s Edition

45 Record

The alternative rock band Blue Öyster Cult has teamed up with Wounded Warrior Project to release a limited edition 45 record featuring the band’s songs "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" and "Sole Survivor," packaged with a lyric sheet and two collectable mini-posters. All proceeds go to the charity organization, which donates money to wounded veterans, their families, and their caregivers.

 The aim was to create artwork and a consistent design campaign that complements the style of both the songs featured in the record and Blue Öyster Cult themselves. This was accomplished through artwork and design elements featuring bright psychedelic colors and clean curving forms that guide the eye and create visual movement. Futura aligns with this aesthetic, allowing the higly-stylized Goudy Stout display to take precidence.  

This record will catch the eye of the niche yet dedicated audience Blue Öyster Cult. 

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