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"It's the Little Things"

“It’s the Little Things” is a business that sells postcards not showing off tourist locations or exciting spectacles, but more out-of-the-way serene locations around the United States. To do this, two illustrated characters, Serenity and her cat Floof, feature in each postcard, intermingling with the scenery of the photographs.


Postcards are usually enjoyed by adults, but this company is aiming to appeal to a much younger audience. Given that the characters in this branding are going to be illustrated, this brand will likely appeal to children younger than ten.


Incorporating the cartoon characters into the scenes by having them walk down paths, play tag, or sit on benches adds personality and intrigue to these images. The handwritten KC Brendan Hand aligns with the handdrawn illustrations, and it as well as the secondary Times New Roman are typefaces that can be easily read by children. The logomark's radiating lines are simply made up of KC Brendan Hand's lowercase i, and also conveniently resembles cat whiskers. The word “Little” is enlarged as a fun play-on-words and to remind the reader the overall message that, “Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean the most.”

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