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Out Of Turtles


Out Of Turtles is a videogame development company that my brother and I hope to start in the future. Out goal is to create games with moving stories, fascinating characters, and unique gameplay. The attitude of the company is laid-back, friendly, and a little silly, and there is no real drive for the company to be professional and clean-shaven, so it is only fitting that our branding communicates these ideas to potential customers or collaborators.


Since the company is neither a suit-and-tie business nor an experienced programming conglomerate, Out Of Turtles’s branding shows off a calm and playful attitude as well as its place in the programming field as of current. While display font KC Beebosloth appears rough and handwritten, speaking to the makeshift yet charming nature of our games, Courier New is used for body next. Often used by programmers, Courier New refers back to game development. Our color pallet makes use of a turtle-green and pale pink, and our logo is the profile of a turtle. We also use the illustration of an empty box with the picture of a turtle taped onto the side, which references our company name. 


The merchandise utilizes our branding images, offering either a straightforward t-shirt advertisement or a cozy sweatshirt. 

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