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Pickle Jar Coffee Co. 

Pickle jar Coffee Co. is a local coffee shop owned by the Smith Family that will give customers a free cup of coffee if they turn in a glass jar or bottle to the shop, with the intent of the shop is to reduce glass waste. The Smiths will give these jars to customers for a small price, and they will serve drinks in them as well. They will even fill a customer’s donated jar with brewed coffee for free. 


The new branding for Pickle Jar Coffee Co. intends to speak to the hospitality and charm of the coffee shop, communicating that they are a local business rather than a chain. The quirk of their business—free coffee for glass jars—is at the forefront. Pickle Jar Coffee Co. uses an illustration of a jar to show this off.  The delicate and curly Bell MT speaks to the shop’s homemade quality and “granny’s diner” aesthetic.  The color pallet features green, brown, and cream; green refers to the “pickle” part of the shop’s name, brown refers to the coffee they sell, and the off-white cream is antique and gives off an aged feel.

The stickers are offered for customers to place on their jars, and function as both decoration and advertising.

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