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Sunset Joyride

Sunset Joyride is a cycling shop that sells bicycles, equipment, and apparel. They are a rather hip and laid-back company that only has a few locations. However, they are passionate about cycling and always seek to have each customer leave with exactly what they wanted and more.


The store was in need of some branding to set them apart from other bike shops, in the form of both advertisements as well as sale items.


The branding is meant to appeal to the store's cool-and-collected go-with-the-flow loyal customers by showcasing the optimism of the shop itself.

The brand’s logo is a bike gear made to look like a sunset, tying the store’s merchandise with its name. Bauhaus 93 is a great counterculture font for such a brand, and Gill Sans MT nicely compliments the shapes of the illustrations. The illustrations themselves clearly communicate the wild and free attitude of the company through its fluid movement and vibrant color pallet.

The merchandise I designed makes use of the store’s striking visual branding, as well as will function as further advertising when customers either walk around with their drink or decorate their notebooks with the stickers.

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