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To Be Human 

To Be Human is a comic written by R. Mallory that takes place in a future run by robots, and tackles the question of what humanity is, if it can be gained or lost, and more.

The author just needs a book cover design and advertisements.

It doesn't matter what your mom told you: we all judge books by their covers. So the goal was to show as much as I could about the story before the reader even turned the first page, so that R. Mallory’s readers will know exactly what they’re getting themselves into just by the looks of the front cover.


OCR A Extended is the perfect typeface for a story about robots, since the monotype is associated with computers and coding. The clean, clear, and versatile Acumin Variable Concept functions well as body text as well as coincides with the book’s themes of “perfection.” The golden ratio was used when deciding on elements’ placement for the book cover, so that the viewer’s eye naturally glid from one element to another.

The two advertising posters utilize hierarchy in order to be read by the viewer, as the words increase and decrease in size and are scattered around the main characters.

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